About Us

fatblokeonbikes are Iain and Adam.

Turning 40 usually means the start of a mid life crisis, the purchase of a convertible sports car and a desperate grab for any remaining youth…. not for these two. 2017 signals the 40th year for both of ¬†us and we are determined to do something that is a) exciting, b) memorable and c) beneficial to others so we’re going to cycle 300 miles from London to Paris for charity.

We are going to be raising money for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, a fantastic organisation that provides help, care and support to terminally ill children and their families. Unfortunately Adam had first hand experience of their excellent support and we will be riding in memory of Adam and Kate’s daughter Iris

We’ll update this blog as we go through our year of preparation plus the journey itself and beg for your support

Thanks in advance

Adam & Iain